Rhino Drip Proof Plugs

RHINO Drip Proof Plugs™

The Toughest Hose Protection Products on the Planet… Period!

Rhino Drip Proof Plugs™

Features & Benefits

  • High quality oil resistant rubber
  • Strong, reusable
  • Protects the environment


  • Use RHINO DRIP PROOF PLUGS anywhere hydraulics are in use.
  • RHINO DRIP PROOF PLUGS are a handy tool for emergency leaks. One plug covers many sizes.
Proper use of product is the sole responsibility of the user.
SRM Part#SizeBag QuantitySealing Range
RPLUG-SSmall20-4 thru -6
RPLUG-MMedium10-8 thru -16 Male Pipe (MP)
RPLUG-LLarge4-16 Female JIC (FJX) thru -24
RPLUG-KMixed Kit4 Sm
4 Med
2 Lg

RHINO DRIP PROOF PLUGS™ Mixed Kit Packaged in Plastic Bags. (# RPLUG-K)

Rhino Drip Proof Plugs™


  • Hydraulics
  • Vehicle Repair and Maintenance
  • Forestry
  • Marine
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial
  • Mining
  • Rescue
  • Construction
  • Building Maintenance
  • Lifting
  • Displays
  • Demolition

Manufactured for Brennan Industries

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